Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two days, two 'town hall' screenings!

Back-to-back screenings coming up this Sunday/Monday, both at New Hampshire town halls that now serve as movie theaters!

On Sunday, May 23 at 4:30 p.m., we're screening the great dramatic feature 'The Last Command' (1928) as the next attraction in our monthly silent film series at the Wilton (N.H.) Town Hall Theatre. I wasn't familiar with this picture before now but I'm very impressed and have high hopes for how it will come across on the big screen and with a live audience. For a comedy short beforehand, Dave Stevenson and I have been going back-and-forth but I'm inclined to show one of the Laurel & Hardy silents, which I think would go well with this, as opposed to some of the more hyperactive comedies. We'll see.

I also have high hopes for a screening on Monday, May 24 at Antrim (N.H.) Town Hall for about 100 students from the Conval Regional School District. This opportunity was arranged by a very nice woman who attends the Wilton screenings and also works in the district; she thought the kids would enjoy a chance to experience silent film the way it was intended, so here we go! I've got three comedies lined up: 'One Week' (1920) starring Buster Keaton (to show visual comedy done methodically); 'A Mooney Mariner' (1927) starring Billy Dooley (to show inventive fast-paced slapstick); and finally 'Lizzies of the Field' (1924) starring Billy Bevan and others, to show mayhem and destruction. I'll post some comments on how it goes!


  1. I liked the first one the most! The second one didn't really appeal to me all that much, but the third one was almost as good as the first one in my opinion! I think the music really helped with the mood of the show. I really wish I'd thought to bring my brother - he would LOVE it!! Are you doing it again sometime?

  2. I liked the movies, but the one about the cops was my favorite. the music that you did with the movies, was great and i like how you can play music without music paper. I hope you come back and do it again.


  3. Hello Mr. Rapsis! We really enjoyed the show. They especially loved COPS. We've been debriefing why Buster Keaton's character would punch a traffic cop. They didn't know that is how you signal a left turn, and they were surprised to think about how traffic signals were not in use! Knowing those things helped them understand it a little better. However, they really loved it!