Sunday, April 24, 2016

A quick message to whoever it was
who broke into my car in Boston today

This is a message to whomever smashed the passenger side window of my car this afternoon while it was parked near Kenmore Square in Boston, stealing a bag with my wallet, phone, and some other things in it. Because you know my name, you might be curious enough to check

Here I am, a real person!

If you're here: In the bag you took was a journal that contained more than a year's worth of writing. If you read this and somehow still have the journal, I would really like to have it just sent to my home address, which you know, but I'll put it here anyway: 49 County Road, Bedford, NH 03110. As you know, there was enough in the wallet to cover the postage.

Speaking of the wallet: the one irreplaceable thing in it was an old photo of a dog from my childhood. If you somehow still have the wallet, it would be great if you could send that along, too. Worth a shot asking. She was a great dog and would mean nothing to you.

Thank you for leaving the bagel in my car, which I found after paying $129 to have it released from the lot out in Brighton where the police had it towed after you smashed in the window. A nice lady witnessed the whole affair, by the way. Looks like you hit right after I left. Broad daylight! Well, that's life in the big city, I suppose.

P.S. If you're wondering, the Austrian currency you took is no longer legal tender. It's only exchangeable (for Euros) at the Österreichische Nationalbank in Vienna.

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